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Mobile App

How much does the It's Me 247 Mobile App Cost?

It's Free! The app is included in your e-Commerce fee and is available at no additional charge for any existing client, online or self processer, who has completed all of the steps in the CU*Answers Mobile App Requirements document. Note that some of these requirements might have a price of their own, as well as lead times and steps you will need to build into your plan.

What are the prerequisites for the It's Me 247 Mobile App?

In order to ensure a quality user experience, your credit union must have certain prerequisites before pursuing the It's Me 247 Hybrid Mobile App. View the prerequisites.

Can my existing Mobile App be updated to the CU*Answers Mobile App?

Yes, you will need to provide the developer license credentials to IRSC and all members with the existing app, will be prompted with an update to the CU*Answers Mobile App.

Where can I get my credit union DUNS Number for the Apple Developer License?

Feel free to reach out to IRSC regarding your credit union DUNS number, we can perform a reverse lookup, also provide you the appropriate contact information or DUNS number updates.

What’s NOT in the Mobile App?

This app does not contain an RDC (Remote Deposit Capture) tool, also other than customization options in the CU*Answers Mobile App Requirements document, no other customizations are available.

Branding Options

What does SSCCBO stand for?

SSCCBO stands for Self Service Channel Custom Branding Options. This refers to member self service channels such as It's Me 247 Online Banking.

Why is each product separate?

Each SSCCBO product is a la carte. This is to cater to differing credit union branding needs and budgets.

What if I don't have my credit union logo in vector format?

IRSC can work in conjunction with our Marketing team to create your credit union logo in vector format.

Will I be able to review the branding prior to deployment?

IRSC will provide you mock-ups for your approval prior to deployment.

Membership Application

What does MAP stand for?

MAP stands for Membership Application Process. We have redesigned the online membership application making it branded to your credit union, mobile friendly, and added new features to enhance the member experience. Learn more about getting started with MAP.

What does MOP stand for?

MOP stands for Membership Opening Process, this will add the ability for prospective members to join your credit union in an automated process. There is no MOP, without first launching MAP.

How much does MAP cost?

Your first MAP site is FREE. Each additional MAP site will have a small set up fee and a monthly maintenance fee.

When do I have to switch to MAP?

All credit unions must switch from the current Satellite Membership Application to a MAP site by 12/31/2016.

Can I just turn on MOP?

No, first you must have a MAP site before the MOP functionality can be enabled.

Ordering & Payment

I can buy these with my credit card?

Yes! The IRSC accepts credit cards for your set up payments. Any recurring maintenance fees will be invoiced on your CU*Answers invoice.

What if I just want you to bill me?

We can do that too. Simply select Invoice Me during checkout and we will bill you as part of your regular CU*Answers invoicing.

Can I pay my CU*Answers invoice with my credit card?

No. The IRSC only accepts credit card payments for IRSC products.

Once I order something how long does it take?

It depends on what you are ordering. For some products, the IRSC will need to gather more information from you. Some products have up front design requirements and approval processes. Some products are tied to release schedules. No matter what, when you place an order you will hear from the IRSC within 2 business days to learn about the next steps.

Can I pay for my monthly recurring charges with my credit card?

No, not at this time. If you order a product with a monthly or recurring maintenance charge, these charges will be added to your regular CU*Answers invoice.

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