MACO – Calendar Year 3 (2020) Options

Credit unions who participated in Calendar Year 2 will need to make their Calendar Year 3 decision on if you are choose to Prepay for a set number of licenses, or if the credit union is looking to true-up at the end of the calendar year.

For credit unions who placed their order of true-up last year, this gives you the chance to understand your active users after calendar year 1 & 2 to prepay for these users  in calendar year 3.

For statistics on active users for 2019 – please contact IRSC.

Place your order below prior to 12/13/2019!

MACO Info Sheet



Credit unions who deployed MACO in 2019, will need to make their 2020 decision on if you are looking to pre-pay for licenses, or if you would like to true-up at the end of the calendar year based on your number of active user.

An active user is classified as a member that logins in with at least one of the MACO features, the member could use one, or they could use all four MACO features and they are still considered as one active user.


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