MACO (Multiple Authentication Convenience Options)

Starting on 2/1/2018 credit unions can deploy MACO to their mobile app 2.0.  MACO features 4 different authentication types – including biometric and PIN based –  once the member authenticates they have access to their account within the mobile app.

Your credit union has the option to prepay for a set number of licenses based on how many your credit union thinks will be active with MACO; at the end of the calendar year your credit union will then be charged for the number of active users at the end of the calendar year.  If your credit union chooses to prepay and you do not use all licenses, your credit union will not be credited for current, or any future years.  Your credit union can also choose to not prepay for licenses and true-up at the end of the calendar year, based on the number of active users – your credit union would pay the true-up price for all these users.

All final billing numbers will be calculated as of 12/31 based on active users, also you will be charged the full amount per user no matter when the credit union deploys throughout the calendar year.

If the credit union choose to prepay, you will be charged when you deploy MACO.  If the credit union chooses to true-up, you will be charged at the end of the calendar year.

Prepaid True-up
Calendar Year 1 (2018) $1.00/user $1.25/user
Calendar Year 2 (2019) $1.50/user $1.90/user
Calendar Year 3 (2020) $2.00/user $2.50/user

Download MACO Info Sheet

Download MACO Booklet

Download MACO License Agreement

Watch Launching MACO with CU*Answers Mobile Apps Webinar



What Authentication options are available?

Voice Recognition: Use your voice to authenticate, the member records and submits a passphrase. This setup requires the member to record a voice phrase 3 times, once enrolled the member will repeat the phrase to authenticate.

PIN: Use a 4-digit PIN to authenticate.  To establish PIN authentication the member will enter a chosen 4-digit PIN, and then re-enter the PIN to confirm.  To authenticate with PIN, the member verifies the PIN they created.

Fingerprint: Use the fingerprint verification feature on your mobile device to authenticate.  To setup fingerprint verification, the member will need to verify the fingerprint that is currently setup on their device.  Fingerprint verification will only show for those mobile devices that have this capability. To authenticate with fingerprint, the member will be asked to place their finger on the device’s sensor.

Face Recognition: Use a face profile to authenticate.  To setup face recognition, this requires an analysis of the member’s face.  To authenticate with face recognition the member will center their face within the circle and watch the bar at the top for a high-quality image and perform a liveliness test, like blinking.


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